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The sixty-fifth China national auto parts fair news

News   2016-01-06

     April 24, 2009 --26 days, I division in the beautiful city of Ningbo attended organized by the All-China Federation of Industry Automobile Motorcycle Parts Industry Association of Ningbo Municipal People's Government,ETS full contact (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd and Ningbo Municipal People's Government Work Exhibition Office hosted the 65th session of China automobile parts fair and achieved a complete success. Through this exhibition, we direct orders amounted to about 1000000, breaking the historical record. And the number of customers offered to become WEILI (Wiley) brand agents, and actively promote cooperation.

    I Secretary for the exhibition made careful preparations, not only to apply the special booth and design the booth  and to prepare exquisite posters and practical bags, free of charge to visit customers. Our company successfully held the first national dealer meeting. Meeting, local dealers and guests freely, analyze market trends in today's electrical EFI, sharing lessons learned, promoting strong cooperation and common progress, share success!

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