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2010 First China (Zhengzhou) International Auto Parts Expo news

News   2016-01-04

August 18, 2010 to 20,  in Division I in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Heart,our company participated in the All-China Federation of Industry Automobile Motorcycle Parts Industry Association of Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government and the main Office, Henan Tai Cheung Auto Parts Logistics Trade Park Limited, auto service industry in Henan Province Chamber of Commerce and the River Southern Province Exhibition Industry Association hosted the 2010 First China (Zhengzhou) International Auto Parts Expo miniature, and has made a success. During the exhibition , There are many people visit our booth. Our company issued more than ten thousand copies of the photos, posters,hand bags etc and receive more than 50 million direct orders. And a number of customers wanted to become WEILI (Wiley) and Gaga power two brand agents, and actively promote cooperation.

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